NVC Fund Holding Trust

NVC Fund Holding Trust is a private equity investor in Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Entertainment, Real Estate Development, Investment Trading, and business services. We are a diversified investment holding trust.

Founded in 2000, NVC Fund Holding Trust is one of the largest and fastest-growing private equity investment firms in the world in terms of Asset Holdings. We manage assets valued at over USD 128 Billion Dollars. Our asset base includes proven and appraised gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium and other mineral reserves such as oil and gas.

NVC Fund Holding Trust invests in a variety of transactions including joint venture partnerships, leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations, stock purchases from early shareholders, and financings for growth either organically or by acquisition. 

In most of our investments we are a board member, as well as an active partner with management. We do not involve ourselves in day to day operations, but we add value by making introductions to customers and strategic partners by: recruiting additional operating executives and directors; identifying, evaluating, and financing acquisitions; evaluating corporate strategy; and raising additional capital from public or private sources.

A Financial Powerhouse
To project promoters seeking funds, we can become your financier and Partner.

  1. To the wealthy accredited investor, institutional investor, you can leverage your assets for above average returns by participating in our funding methods and programs.

  2. To financial intermediaries, Brokers and Consultants in need of credible programs to recommend to wealthy principals, we can be your all around resources.

  3. We can structure and manage programs for banks, public corporations, hedge funds, pension funds and asset managers.

  4. It is possible to leverage your redundant assets and corporate credit for profit in our structured financing and private placement programs.

We welcome you to explore our resourcefulness. With well over $128 Billion in assets under management, NVC Fund Holding Trust is a Principal Facilitator able to manage and leverage assets for maximum return for our partners, providers, investors, buyers and sellers. Simply indicate what assets you have and what you need to accomplish and we will work to actualize it from our vast resources.

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