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NVC Fund is a global conglomerate consisting of Fund of Funds, Private Bankers, Family Offices, and Technological Innovators. The transaction platform serves the commercial and philanthropic interest of Contracted Rights Owners, Financial Institutions, Sovereign entities, Governments, Asset Owners, Accredited Investors, Title Holders, Insurers and Money Managers, and admitted persons.

  • The Central Counterparty Clearing House and all NVC Pay related entities have collectively over $500,000,000,000 (Five Hundred Billion USD) of Assets Under Management (AUM).


How Our System Works

Our system is offered and available to admitted partners and subscribers


You are able to send payment to and send payment from your wallet account to your bank account host to host, server to server, gateway to gateway.


We are able to receive payment transfers from your Credit Bank Account or Bitcoin Routing Address to your NVCpay account API connections. We connect bank to bank, gateway to gateway. We are fully integrated and embedded into the blockchain fintech fabrics. The decentralized credit banking system is here.

NVCpay Wallet

Your NVCpay Wallet is your cryptographic digital routing address.

World Credit | World Treasury | World Credit Bank System

USE ANY GLOBAL CES ACCOUNT (NMNIVIRT , TSCUVIRT , XCPCVIRT) to register for NVC Pay Username | Transaction Memos

Our Service Offerings

As a global financial services platform, we pride ourselves to provide multidisciplinary human resources, with deep understanding of global events and backed by sufficient financial resources. We are transcendent wealth managers, credit bankers, family offices and financial logistic platform to the world.

Buy - Sell Transactions

NVCpay Accounts supports varieties of buy -sell commercial / financial transactions.

Global Project Funding

Account holders can use their NVCpay Accounts to secure any type project funds.

Digital Wallets Supported

NVCpay Account supports Counterparty's Bitcoin DEX & Digital Wallets.

Financial Guaranty

We issue financial guaranty bond to secure our admitted companies transactions to secure their financial obligations to willing accepting counterparty.

World Treasury Management

As a global financial technological and financial platform, we have the back-office capability to manage corporate treasury management functions

World Wealth Management

It takes commitment and resources to help meet the sophisticated needs of individuals and families with significant wealth. Using our perspective, we tailor everything our clients need to help transform their success and wealth into a legacy that can last for generations, perhaps centuries.

World Securities Lending

Use the value of your eligible assets to secure important personal or business financing through World Securities backed lending

Global Real Estate Lender

We are ever ready, willing and able to fund well positioned commercial Real Estate investments.

SWIFT Messaging

We Can Send SWIFT Messages to any acceptable financial institution that is ready willing and able to to transact. We have correspondent and associated institutions within our network.

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We provide real world solutions to the logistic of global transactions financing and the movement of capital. We have over 30 years of experience and are backed by a strong balance sheet. There is nothing impossible when we are involved.

API Ready

We can connect with any and all payment systems, We just need the county party API connectivities and credential codes.

World Currency Exchange

We accept ISO World Currency to operate and are integrated to multiple exchanges. Thus we are able to convert, exchange, trade and transact in all ISO World Currencies as may be required.


We charge appropiate fees as may be necessary to accomplish the objectives.


We are Certified where required and self governing under the the highest laws.


Our payment system is securely encripted and secured from end to end.

A Global Financial Institution

We offer our services throughout the globe where there is freedom of commence.

Ledger to Ledger Transfer

Invite your trade partners, banks, fund managers, to create accounts to initiate ledger to ledger funds transfers.

Electronic Data Interchange

We provide end to end EDI messaging services in colloboration with our services providers to deliver seamless business logistics and B2B payment transmissions.

What Users Say About Us

We have enjoyed the support and goodwill testimonies over the decades from those that know us well.

  • Can NVCpay's NVC Fund really fund our company?

    The answer is yes, we fund businesses that are in a form of partnership with the companies and project promoters affiliated with our operating companies.

  • How do I get started?

    You may register and create an account relationship with NVC. You can then present your business plan for vetting to our processors for evaluation and approval or rejection. Please note that we receive a lot of requests and as you can guess, we reject a majority of projects due to incomplete or not workable plans.

  • What do I need to register?

    *Please include your World Credit | World Treasury | World Central Credit BankUSE GLOBAL CES ACCOUNT NO / Name (NMNI , TSCU , XCPC) to register for NVC Pay | Transaction MemosUSE GLOBAL CES ACCOUNT NO / Name (NMNI , TSCU , XCPC) to register for NVC Pay | Transaction Memos  

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